Major "Ginge" Brown

Security Director

Ginge has recently retired from the British Army after 38 years’ service. Working globally at a senior level in explosive threat mitigation, a highly experienced Search consultant working at all levels of the Military(incl Special Forces), civilian law enforcement and other government agencies.  An operationally tested EODand IEDD operator and an experienced executive coach and mentor,regularly delivering strategic advice to Senior Investigating Officers on specialist capabilities,training, and countering new and emerging threats.   

An expert adviser for the UK National Crime Agency for over ten years, operating in; the UK (Incl Northern Ireland), the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, and has championed and developed international training initiatives in; Holland, Spain, Morocco, Kenya, Italy,Germany, France, Somalia and other UK foreign interests, being commended on the operational honours list, decorated by the Queen, the US Military and the US Secret Service for his work.

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