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“Our mission is to provide best practice solutions advice to airports within the rapidly changing technological revolution of the 21st century.”

As part of these changes, Rexor Technology Ltd. also addresses the important and essential requirements related to advanced security and critical healthcare issues that will continue to play important roles in the continued growth and development of the aviation industry in all its activities worldwide.

To ensure a sharp focus on the Asian market, a new office, Rexor International Ltd, has recently been opened in Singapore, that provides further services and capabilities in the region.

Who we are

Rexor Technology Limited is a United Kingdom (UK) based and registered Strategic Airport Consultancy company with a global network of like-minded airport focused employees and associates. Our core Management Team is composed of Airport, Airline and Aerospace professionals with over 150 years combined diverse experience in the industry; covering Project Management, ICT Technical Design, Commercial Aviation Sales, Flight, and International Marketing.  Our international reach is based on a global network of known and trusted professional partnerships with associates on all continents and regions established over decades. 

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What we do

The solutions provided are based on products and services that match the size and projected scope of each airport requirement; to ensure that capital expenditure costs are minimised while providing tried and tested products with a history of proven references. To provide the range of Solutions required, Rexor works with multiple product and service suppliers under Professional Service Agreements (PSA) allowing the right solution to match the Airport client requirement and budget.

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