Argon Ahimsa

Associate Director

Argon has a Master’s degree from Kassel University, Germany in Aircraft Cockpit and Command Centre Design, with emphasis on the Man-Machine-System. Subsequently he worked on the design of the Airbus A.320 cockpit with emphasis on analysis on human performance in interaction with machine/computer system for optimum result on Mission-Performance. Specialist in Ergonomy from Goethingen University, Germany.

Argon speaks three languages,  having been educated, lived and worked in Europe, predominantly Austria and Germany,  for over 25 years. Worked for Keiper Recaro, Germany, and for projects with Airbus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW and following his return to Indonesia initially for  PTIPTN, now Indonesian-Aerospace.  

 He has developed extensive usage of Satellite-Networks for the  Indonesian National Cyber Security Central Command-Centre(C5ISR) and has been an Expert Consultant to the Government's Cyber Security Committee. Argon is also a Partner in PT KAR, an Indonesian Project Management Consultancy company.

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