Rexor Technology Ltd works with its partners to provide a wide range of Healthcare And Medical equipment including an Ultra Fast PCR Covid-19 testing instrument already in use in many international airports that can process 100s of samples in less than 30 minutes.

This PCR instrument, a key element of the workflow is provided by MBS and provides simultaneous testing for both Covid-19 and the Influenza virus

MBS, our Dutch partner, is located in Goes, The Netherlands

Other items in this range include hospital and surgical equipment, PPE healthcare related products and a range of healthcare products and services:

  • Novel Antigen Testing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Quick Build Emergency Hospitals
  • Miscellaneous Medical Supplies including PPE Equipment
  • Centralised Countrywide Healthcare & Patient Care System
  • Hospital surgical procedures, specialist diabetes care and dentistry.
    Thonburi Healthcare GroupThonburi Hospital

MBS Ultra Fast PCR

By using their patented heat transfer technology MBS has been able to improve PCR speed several ten-fold. Together with other improvements, such as ease of use, footprint, energy consumption, the change is of such a scale, that MBS named it NextGenPCR®.With ramp rates of over 1000°C per second a sample goes from denaturing to annealing in less than 0.1 second. Total PCR time ranges from 2 to 10 minutes for 30 cycles over 3 temperatures.

Ultra Fast -: From hours to minutes High throughput
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