Specific solutions for Small to Medium Size airports include a range of core systems and products.  However,it should be noted that many of these systems are also used in larger airports.  The integration and configuration of such systems for large airports is conducted on a project-by-project basis.

Rexor Technology Ltd address both airport extensions and new builds, working with the design architect and prime building contractors, to ensure that any issues are identified and resolved at the outset, rather than during the project implementation period where such changes inevitably cause project delays and cost overruns.

Rexor Technology Ltd fully respects the “Green” environmental initiative that is recognised as a vital element of the aviation business,which we address and support at both a strategic and tactical level.

Landside Operational Systems

  • Airport Management Systems including FIDS, FSMS, AODB & RMS
  • CUTE/CUPPS, CUSS, Self-Boarding, Self-Service Immigration Gates
  • Baggage Handling Systems
  • Baggage Reconciliation Systems
  • Cargo and Air Freight Facilities
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Retail -Property Management
  • Energy Management & Efficiency
  • Public Address Systems
  • Automatic Voice Announcement System
  • Master Clock
  •  People Tracking
  • Airport Seating & Baggage Trolley
  • Car Parking Systems
  • Lighting Protection & Earthing Systems

Airside & Apron Systems

  • Apron / Ramp Management
  • Workforce Management  
  • RSmart Systems
  • Vehicle Location and Tracking
  • Airfield Ground Lighting  
  • Airfield Fixed Signage
  • Apron Lighting
  • AeroBridges, VDGS, UPS
  • Overflight Billing
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