Sleap Airfield

The Rexor team readily admits to mixing business with pleasure and has its roots in a small airport in the United Kingdom.  Sleap airfield is an ex Royal Air Force (RAF) Station in the county of Shropshire and is the base for Glen, Rexors Flight Ops Director.  Glen has owned many vintage aircraft over the years, from a wood and cotton covered Tiger Moth biplane to a World War 2 British Army Auster.  His latest acquisition is a 75 year old Italian Army Piper Cub aircraft; he is based at Sleap with his friends and other vintage aircraft who are locally known as the Vulture Squadron. 

If a customer wishes to fly into Sleap, there is fuel, hangarage and basic handling facilities.  There is a busy local flying school, a co-located restaurant and also opportunities to fly in some fabulous classic and vintage aircraft, such as the Avro Anson British light bomber and the Russian Yak 11 fighter.

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